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Fabrication Division
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Broward Trailer is also a Full Service Steel and Aluminum Fabricator.  Some of our many services are:

Detail Engineering and Erection Drawings 
Custom Steel & Aluminum Fabrication
Sheet Metal Fabrication
Equipment Frames 
Grating Fabrication 
Pipe and Structural End Fabrication 
Pipe Supports 
Miscellaneous Metal Fabrication 
Revamp Fabrication Projects 
Chiller Frame CAD Drawing
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BSF53-363D CAD Drawing
BSF53-363D Construction Phase
BSF53-363D Construction Phase
Sheet Metal Fabrication in
Aluminum, Stainless Steel & Steel up to 1/4" material thicknesses
Chiller Frame Fabrication
IH Series Immersion Heater Tank
IH Series Immersion Heater Tank
IH Series Immersion Heater Tank
Custom Steel Immersion Heater Tank with Copper Fittings